Keeping a safe environment inside a crowded prison is no small accomplishment. These inmates are in that prison every minute of every day, looking for any weakness in the system tat they can exploit to their advantage. Working even double shifts every other day, I am barely inside the jail as long as these inmates, so I need to be able to take advantage of any resource that will give me back the ability to maintain a degree of order.


Even when we use every officer at our disposal, we can only be in so many places at the same time. My team needs to be in the visitor center in the morning, checking inmates and guests to be sure no contraband is changing hands. We need to be doing cell inspections to locate anything tat may have gotten by the searches in the guest center. We even have to check all the mail coming into the jail for drugs that could be hidden. When Securus Technologies promised to make our job of monitoring inmate calls easier, we didn’t realize at the time how it would help us in other areas as well.


Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith, says his company has the same call monitoring systems in thousands of jails. His staff of a thousand all work toward a single goal of making the world safer. The LBS software is now doing the work of several officers, allowing my team to be in two places at once. If the system detects inmates talking about weapons, drugs, or contraband, we are alerted instantly so we can take action before the issue becomes a serious problem.


The Securus Technologies system has given us the ability to finally take a proactive stance on safety and keep the peace between the inmates and everyone else that is behind these walls.