When you consider the current online landscape there are so many things that truly come to mind. Not only has the online world connected people more than ever before, but because of the rate of change and the increasing speed of online technology there is always more information being mined, stored, and even recorded for the long term as well. Instead of falling in love with the idea of everything about you being documented permanently, however, the privacy fanatic in you should think about what happens when sensitive information gets out whether it is true or not. That is where Status Labs comes in thanks to Darius Fisher.

Darius Fisher was able to see a while ago that the internet was capable of great things, but also that it could be full of problems. Anytime anyone gets any information and puts it online then it could not only spread like a wildfire, but it could also wind up being permanent. There is no such thing as privacy with the internet, and the rise of social media has only expanded the problem farther than ever. But, because Darius Fisher understands how important privacy is as well as what to do in order to remove things / keep them swept under the rug, then you can absolutely tell how valuable his organization and services actually are.

When people start to think about how something can be spread and how quickly it can get around thanks to the internet it is absolutely frightening. This is before you consider the idea that the information may not only be sensitive, but it might not be true either. Just imagine if you are in the role of a public figure, if you are trying to get a new job, or if you are just trying to keep in good standing with your family and others. Information that is out on the internet is completely accessible by anyone when it hits the internet, and unless you have the strategies and methods that someone like Darius Fisher has then you could literally be up a creek without a paddle when it comes to controlling or defending your reputation.

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