I don’t usually pay attention to court rulings but there was a landmark decision back in 2005 that has really affected my life. The lawsuit took place in New York State and concerned shipping of wines. Apparently, New York was not allowing out-of-state sellers to ship wines into New York State. This really choked off some incredibly inventive companies like Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard operates a really savvy business. The company takes the vineyard directly to the consumer through someone called a wine guide. Wine guides are simply local people who love winemaking and wine tasting. These people help their neighbors host parties in which people taste wines. The wine guide does exactly that — guides people through the wine tasting process.

Traveling Vineyard has special relationships with winemakers all over the country. When somebody orders a wine through the wine guide and Traveling Vineyard, the winemaker ships that wine bottle directly to consumer. Oftentimes, this winemaker is out-of-state. Now you can see why it was so difficult for wine guides to exist in New York State. Half of the wine menu was essentially off-limits to customers in the Empire State.

This silly law also prohibited the sales of wines on Traveling Vineyards websites. The company gives each of its wine guides website to further drive sales. This is often the most popular point-of-sale with people who formerly attended a wine tasting party. Anybody who wants to reorder their favorite wines usually does so through the websites. But, again, interstate shipping to New York was off-limits. This made the websites very difficult to use.

But the landmark 2005 case opened up interstate shipping to the people who lived in New York. Ever since this case was resolved, Traveling Vineyard’s business has exploded. After all, New York State is one of the most populous areas in the country and Traveling Vineyard needs those customers to become financially healthy.

I am really glad that the court decided in the favor of Traveling Vineyard. We need more companies that employ as many people as possible. In fact, I am a wine guide and I’m very happy for it.

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