Are you looking to get work for the OSI Group Food Industries? Below you will find some helpful tips on how to be successful in your employment search.

1) The good news is that sometimes they will hire from within the company. The first step is to try to get a job in something like the production line. Sometimes a person can be promoted as a Registered Dietician just by being a good worker. As long as your work ethic is strong and you make management aware of your career goals, some of them will take you under their wing.

Research some job applications under the production and kitchen help for the OSI Group. It can work to your advantage.

2) Research the OSI Group. Find out what they are looking for. Look into the “how” and “why”. You may be surprised at what you find. I worked in a kitchen and production line for a hospital for ten years. I learned more there than any other place of employment.

3) Look into some possible internships. They may not pay you anything, but most do not do it for the money. Most do it for the experience and knowledge. The more you learn, the more one of their reps is going to want to work with you. They may even offer you something after you are done with school.

4) You may want to seek out specific certifications and programs that fit your skill set. The people at the OSI Group will take notice of this. Once one of their reps see you have an active skill level for a specific program they will call you.

5) Take some language courses. This is going to go over big with the people at the OSI Group. Never discount your knowledge of other languages. It will serve a purpose for someone somewhere.

6) Get social. Use your social media presence to attract their attention. Sometimes you have to seek them out. Put your information out there for them to see. You may just wake up to a call when you least expect it. For more info about us: click here.

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